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Thursday was tough, the most intense day of the class. When we thought we had learned the most we got to do the hardest problem. OR actually, since there are no hard problems, the hardest solution we did. We eagerly fell into every trap that was set up ...by ourselves. We had much discussion about process, confused leadership with telling others what to do, clinging to our own ideas instead of focusing on the end result. The funniest thing of all, I think, was that we ended up after three hours with a simplification of our zero-level solution. So waht took twelve peope three hours to do could very likely have been achived by three people in twelve minutes!

The other groups solution of the prolem we created. Solved with brilliance in 59.59 of the hour allowed. Stanley S Sczorcecode is a real S-person.


It was also fun to observe them solving the problem with elegance. Just as us, they solved the earlier problem the hard way and this the easy way. The result - well, the easiest way took shortest time and produced the better result! When people are having anjoyong themselves, that is when they are most effective.

The grand finale: Red Hot Party Poopers kicks ass with their first (and last) performance. On Youtube there is a video that shows how fun we had .


Some of the lyrics, adapted by myself from an old classic.


I rushed away in a taxi to try to get the train in time. I only missed it with a couple of minutes and watched it leave as I exited the taxi. The bonus fifty-five minutes I got were spent on re-writing next coneference talk completely.

I do hope sincerely that I will remember to apply the things I have learned and become a better leader. One of the best learnings for me as a tester was that the fact that in many cases the LESS detail we write in the requirements the BETTER the solution will be. The less we try to control, the better motivated, creative and often also organised the team will be.

There are still some places left on the coming class in USA in March.

For two days now we have been running a simulation and then analysing it. It has been a lot of fun and very enlightening. I am surprised that it is possible to get so much out of only one game. Without revealing too much, our task was to run a company for five hours. Our goal was to organise ourself and earn money. Sheriff Hi-Ho in his office is seen below.


Glittery Silver also played an important part.


Henrik Kniberg was one of the observers.


Day four has been a full day of analysis. First the observes showed us a time line filled with events, quotes, photos.


Then we started to analyse what had hapened and why. There is really a lot to learn about the organisation, leadership and flow of information. Far too much to put on the blog. Below, Jerry is analysing how Ola was in the middle of everything and thereby showing that if you do too much of a good thing it starts becoming an obstacle instead of helping. Esther tied us together with her brightly colored yarn to visualize the connections.

Tonight the rest of the class are enjoying themselves with games and hot tub while I am trying to cure my cold, which has now given me also an eye infection.

First of all I want to show a photo of the teachers we have. Johanna Rothman to the left, Jerry Weinberg in the middle and Esther Derby with grey hair to the right. It is interesting to study the interactions of the teachers and wonder aout how many of the events are carefully planned and how many are intuitional. It is at the same time a relaxed environment filled with lots of demanding tasks. I am discussing a lot of agile principles with the specialists here and enjoy every hour so far.

How can I possibly write down all the new insights I have gotten so far? Yesterday we did a lot of team exercises and this morning started with the full group analysing ur behaviour. We noted down the five most omportant actions we had done they previous day to act as leaders. Then we were told to explain why we had done a certain thing and our cards were placed in a big matrix taped to the floor. The goal was to show us the MOIJ model. The letters standing for Motivation - what did we do to motivate the team, Organisation and Information. The inexperienced leader focuses on helping motivation by motivatong the team The more experienced leader tries also to organise the team beter or to get more information in order to increase motivation. For example it is possile to get information that if the team solved a particular problem well we would get a lot of points thereby giving the team an extra motivational kick to perform.


The afternoon was spent observing another team while they were performing a task. We had to focus o one thing at a time which was a challenge in itself. This led to interesting obervation regarding group dynamics, non-verbal acting, roles, structure etc. Rewarding and very exhausting. Lessons wre that you can learn a lot by observing facts and telling the observed of the facts. But it hard not to make your own interpreatations at once but wait for a while.

I skipped the vening session tonight which is scheduled to continue until 9.30.  I need to sit down and reflect for a while and of course blog about it.

Team Kirks Krew was formed as one of the first exercises in the PSL workshop day 1.  It consists of David (who likes biking), Bart (who likes to paint miniature armies), Tobbe (who likes fixing stuff at home), Ola Who likes floorball, Henrik who is a surfer and Rasmus who enjoys sailing. Well we did this exercise where we learned how to remember names by associating wth activity and gestures.


It has been an interesting first day of problemsolving where some lessons learned are:

  • Ask for more information continuosly
  • You seldom understand what the problem is right away and maybe not even when you think you are done
  • We make bad decisions during stress
  • We need to stop and think waht we are doing once in a while
  • ...and of course much more

Sorry but I really need to sleep now.

Here is Bart pulling out cards from our tower, earning three points for every card withdrawn with the tower left standing. Esther watching closely and giving instructions of what card to remve next.


Kursen med stort K har börjat. Jerry Weinberg, Esther Derby och Johanna Rothman har tagit sig från Obama-land till Krusenberg Herrgård utanför Uppsala för att i sex dagar drilla oss i ledarskap. Då Citerus är den arrangerande parten befinner jag mig omgiven av agilemänniskor. Något oväntat dök Bart Broekman från Sogeti Holland upp bland deltagarna. Vi skrattade lite när han konstaterade att han vanligen är på "andra sidan" jämfört med det agila tänket. Jag delade bord med Johanna Rothman ikväll och diskussionen var livlig över farliga djur, ledarskap, författarskap och funderingar över hur roliga och långa smarta människor dras till varann och motsatsen. Vi konstaterade att vi var fyra publicerade författare vid bordet - ämnena varieda från SCRUM och Ledarskap till Test och Delphi. Vilken spännande vecka det kommer att bli! Min förhoppning är att blogga dagligen om höjdpunkterna från kursen. Speciellt för att retas med Henrik, Petter och Herman som skulle velat vara här... Vi får snacka mer sen om hur det var.