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Final days of PSL – reflection

Thursday was tough, the most intense day of the class. When we thought we had learned the most we got to do the hardest problem. OR actually, since there are no hard problems, the hardest solution we did. We eagerly fell into every trap that was set up …by ourselves. We had much discussion about…

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PSL day 3 and 4 – big simulation

For two days now we have been running a simulation and then analysing it. It has been a lot of fun and very enlightening. I am surprised that it is possible to get so much out of only one game. Without revealing too much, our task was to run a company for five hours. Our…

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PSL day 2 – MOIJ and observations

First of all I want to show a photo of the teachers we have. Johanna Rothman to the left, Jerry Weinberg in the middle and Esther Derby with grey hair to the right. It is interesting to study the interactions of the teachers and wonder aout how many of the events are carefully planned and…

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Team Kirks Krew builds Card Tower

Team Kirks Krew was formed as one of the first exercises in the PSL workshop day 1.  It consists of David (who likes biking), Bart (who likes to paint miniature armies), Tobbe (who likes fixing stuff at home), Ola Who likes floorball, Henrik who is a surfer and Rasmus who enjoys sailing. Well we did…

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Problem Solving Workshop – Live

Kursen med stort K har börjat. Jerry Weinberg, Esther Derby och Johanna Rothman har tagit sig från Obama-land till Krusenberg Herrgård utanför Uppsala för att i sex dagar drilla oss i ledarskap. Då Citerus är den arrangerande parten befinner jag mig omgiven av agilemänniskor. Något oväntat dök Bart Broekman från Sogeti Holland upp bland deltagarna.…

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