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The last year has been very busy with almost full-time consulting, my own classes and the Rapid Software Testing class that was once again sold out. Soon it is summer and I will get a well needed break from work.

My consulting assignment at Statistics Sweden will most likely end in June after more than two years of interesting work. So starting September I will be available for consulting in testing, requriements or project management, preferrably in the Orebro area.

I am distilling material from a six-day class in test management, adding some rapid testing, agile methods and my own experience. This will result in an exellent new test management class that will be given at NFI as well as internal classes to interested clients.

I was interviewed by Khurram Bhatti and Nauman Ghazi, doing a masters thesis on exploratory testing at BTH. They are both testers from Pakistan taking their masters degree in Sweden. So maybe I will be invited to speak in Pakistan, that would be an interesting experience! Hopefully they will present their thesis at SAST in October.

I have started speaking at conferences again, first out was with the brand new SAST Karlstad last week. Next up is SAST West in May and I am helping out with the SAST Q15 celebration in Stockholm in October.

Directly following the SAST conference I am planning a weekend Peer conference together with Michael Albrecht. SWET - Swedish Exploratory Testers is open by invitation only. The goal is to discuss ET experiences in Sweden. Anyone that have an experience they think will benefit ET and are willing to present and discuss this are welcome to apply by mailing me. We have invited James Bach and the conference language will be English. If we recieve a large numbers of applications we MAY consider having two parallel tracks and let the langauge of one of tracks be partly in Swedish. Details will be given earliest in August.  Peer conferences are non-profit and everyone pays their own way and their share of the common expenses.

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  1. Nauman Ghazi


    Thanks for writing about us and our ongoing research. I am visting Pakistan this summer for delivering some lectures at a couple of Universities. I will moreover explore the opportunities for Swedish test practitioners to visit and speak at universities there. Apart from these lectures I am planning to arrange some workshops in future. Hopefully, we will soon be able to build a nice relation between the testing industry of the two countries.



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