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It´s Your Ship

Recommended by a good friend and excellent Enterprise Architect and thinker Peter Tallungs – I bought the book It´s your ship by M Abrashoff. I started reading it last night and could not stop. I finished at 2 a.m. enlightened and inspired. This is a story about a captain turning a mediocre crew into the…

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Lean part V: Lean Leadership Book and Workshop

I finished Reading Lean Leadership by Liker and Convis. It is a really good book that fcus on the philosophy and ideas behind true leadership and I recommend it warmly. This is the summary I made:     I finished the book and created the summary as a preparation for the Tuesday evening three hour presentation and…

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Becoming Lean part IV

Recently found some great sketchnotes done by Ruud Cox As I am an extremely spontaneous person I ordered the book on Sketchnoting he recommended I read it, started practicing and LOVED IT! The whole flow from becoming inspired to creating on my own took less than a month. That is pretty Lean I Think! Here’s…

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Becoming Lean Part III – So Have You started Yet?

Second meeting with my mentor. Progress? First question is of course – have we made progress on the tasks we put down in our plan? Well I have reviewed my CV as well as my linkedIn profile and made sure they are both up to date and that the Lean and management work I have…

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Getting Lean part II – Meeting My Mentor

First meeting mentor-apprentice We decided to spend some four hours together, including lunch. We ended up meeting at my home for practical reasons. We, that means my mentor Anders Häggkvist and myself. Anders has worked many years with processes and the last four years exclusively with Lean. In addition he is certified in Lean –…

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