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Getting a Grip on UX – An Experience Report

About one year ago I realized that UX is ”the new black”. I have been a vivid user of Effect Maps for many years and a strong believer in the importance of usability. Working in yet another project that completely ignoredall usability issues I made a vowe to get better ammunition for future endeavors. The…

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Lean UX

From the beginning Agile has felt very developer-centered. Some major questions regarding the new roles of requirements, design and testers have been discussed as we are trying to find useful ways of working together. My experience with agile projects so far has been very differentiated. The key success factors for the projects I have been…

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The Power of Visual Problem Solving

Visual problem solving is a powerful method for problem solving. Have a go at the paper Using your visual super powers.

Newsflash October 2013

I hired Per Frykman to find out what my professional reputation was by asking colleagues and clients I worked with what they think are my strengths and weaknesses. The result was overwhelmingly positive, which was a real boost for my self confidence.

Becoming Lean part IV

Recently found some great sketchnotes done by Ruud Cox As I am an extremely spontaneous person I ordered the book on Sketchnoting he recommended I read it, started practicing and LOVED IT! The whole flow from becoming inspired to creating on my own took less than a month. That is pretty Lean I Think! Here’s…

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