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Getting a Grip on UX – An Experience Report

About one year ago I realized that UX is ”the new black”. I have been a vivid user of Effect Maps for many years and a strong believer in the importance of usability. Working in yet another project that completely ignoredall usability issues I made a vowe to get better ammunition for future endeavors. The…

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The Power of Visual Problem Solving

Visual problem solving is a powerful method for problem solving. Have a go at the paper Using your visual super powers.

Lean part V: Lean Leadership Book and Workshop

I finished Reading Lean Leadership by Liker and Convis. It is a really good book that fcus on the philosophy and ideas behind true leadership and I recommend it warmly. This is the summary I made:     I finished the book and created the summary as a preparation for the Tuesday evening three hour presentation and…

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Rapid Test Management Class in November

Have you taken the RST class previously and feel that it is time for the next step? Rapid Test Management is the class you are looking for. James Bach is back in Sweden again! There will be two chances for you to participate: 7-8 Nov: in Stockholm, arranged by Fearless Consulting and Claremont in cooperation.…

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RST april 2011 with James Bach in Gothenburg

This is the future of testing if you ask me. I am very happy to see the number of testers in Sweden standing up saying that Exploratory testing was the solution to their testing problems. For the first time we have a true exploratory peer conference called SWET – Swedish Exploratory Testers in October 2010. The…

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