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RST with James Bach in november 2013

This fall is full of exciting testing events. Gothenburg seems to be the center of testing hosting not only EuroSTAR but also another RST class with James Bach! If you are a tester and feel that you need to get inspiration and learn about solving problems fast, I recommend taking the RST-class in November in…

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He’ll be Bach in November!

I have been in the SW industry for more than 17 years now and I still learn something new all the time. I realise I cannot know everything and because of that it is important to be able to learn new things fast when requried. It is equally important to understand how to think, analyse…

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Rapid Test Management by James Bach

Notes from a context-driven tester We call ourself context-driven testers. Since you are reading this we assume you like the ideas about rapid testing. Maybe you like to do test sessions on your own or in pairs. You feel that exploring a product is very effective for finding problems and you are really bothered by…

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Rapid Test Management Class in November

Have you taken the RST class previously and feel that it is time for the next step? Rapid Test Management is the class you are looking for. James Bach is back in Sweden again! There will be two chances for you to participate: 7-8 Nov: in Stockholm, arranged by Fearless Consulting and Claremont in cooperation.…

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Free download of my book Essential Software Testdesign

Dear colleagues. I have decided to make my book Essential Software Test Design available for online reading or download for free. No registration needed, no donation asked for, no strings attached at all! The book was originally written for the Swedish Market and originally published almost five years ago. There are parts regarding testing where…

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