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Free download of my book Essential Software Testdesign

Dear colleagues.

I have decided to make my book Essential Software Test Design available for online reading or download for free. No registration needed, no donation asked for, no strings attached at all!

The book was originally written for the Swedish Market and originally published almost five years ago. There are parts regarding testing where I know a lot more today but I have not planned for a new revision anytime soon. The best part of the book is Part II - Test design! Have fun reading, hope you find it useful.

Read online or download your own copy in pdf-format for free!

If you really liked this book and want to buy a paper copy it is available on Amazon.Com, Amazon.co.uk or Adlibris.se

Since the earlier place for downloading the Swedish version no longer works the Swedish version is now also available here!

If you liked the book you can pick up a paper copy on Adlibris.se

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  4. Tim Western

    Not sure if its an error with the PDF, but when I tried downloading it, there wasn't a title page, or a page listing you as an author or editor that I could see. (is that a bug in the pdf?) Fortunately I crawled down to your main site to find out who you were (since I usually save documents with authors in the file name along with the title.)

    >> I am afraid you have to live with that. The pdf was created from the print original by the editor who made it in InDesign...There´s a nice sover on the papaer version though:-)

  5. Simon Morley

    Nice one!

    I have the real book on my shelf, but having it available as pdf is a bonus.

    I do occasionally like to have the real book to dip into now and then, and so to anyone reading it for the first time and wondering whether to buy the real thing I'd say: go for it!

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