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That Scrum Stuff Does not Work!

Scrum does not work. I agree that thins are not working but are we really doing Scrum?

Mapping the User Experience

Mapping the user experience – How to find out what the real problem is before we start solving it. Working in a project where the users are ignored since “We have to focus on functionality first!” leaves me exhausted. The constant flow of cartoons and jokes about developers not really caring about the real needs…

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Fish is Good for You

Have a look at a sketchnote review of the book Fish.

The Power of Visual Problem Solving

Visual problem solving is a powerful method for problem solving. Have a go at the paper Using your visual super powers.

Lean part V: Lean Leadership Book and Workshop

I finished Reading Lean Leadership by Liker and Convis. It is a really good book that fcus on the philosophy and ideas behind true leadership and I recommend it warmly. This is the summary I made:     I finished the book and created the summary as a preparation for the Tuesday evening three hour presentation and…

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