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It´s All About Love

The last month I have been plowing through a lot of material regarding user experiences and I as I was trying to find out if I was mysterious it dawned on me. Successful interaction design is caring about and loving the users!     Stephen Andersson spends a whole book discussing Seductive Interaction Design. The…

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e-book on Visual Problem Solving for Download

I wrote a paper some time ago on the powers of visual problem solving. This has now become an e-book thanks to the cooperation of EuroSTAR conferences. The book can be downloaded from the EuroSTAR website. I have also made it available on my own site. As usual no registration or fee is asked for.…

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The Power of Visual Problem Solving

Visual problem solving is a powerful method for problem solving. Have a go at the paper Using your visual super powers.

Insights I got when reading Clean Code

A friend of mine is a software developer. He is of the passionate kind that really cares about the code he writes. I have the utmost respect for him. When he talks about coding, I listen. We had lunch the other day and he mentioned the book Clean Code by Uncle Bob Martin. In his…

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RST april 2011 with James Bach in Gothenburg

This is the future of testing if you ask me. I am very happy to see the number of testers in Sweden standing up saying that Exploratory testing was the solution to their testing problems. For the first time we have a true exploratory peer conference called SWET – Swedish Exploratory Testers in October 2010. The…

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