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Content Strategy for Mobile, book review (short headline)

Content Strategy for Mobile, by Karen McGrane, a brief book review on how to handle content coping with multiple devices.

Undercover User Experience Design

So it´s Halloween and my kids are out trick or treating. Daddy´s enjoying a glass of Fat Jack double Pumpkin. What then can be more entertaining than writing a review of not only one but two books with almost the same title. The first book is titled User Experience Design. If you read my blog…

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Designing Multi-Device Experiences – Book review

Designing multi-device experiences is an easy to read experience report from Michal Levin that is well worth reading to understand the future of application development.

Getting a Grip on UX – An Experience Report

About one year ago I realized that UX is ”the new black”. I have been a vivid user of Effect Maps for many years and a strong believer in the importance of usability. Working in yet another project that completely ignoredall usability issues I made a vowe to get better ammunition for future endeavors. The…

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy

I just finshed reading Rocket Surgery Made Easy. As the title so clearly says it is a do-it-yourself guide to finding and fixing usability problems.   The author´s name is Steve Krug and here´s what he looks like according to the book. So next time you happen to be at a usability conference make sure you say hello… My…

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