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Mapping the User Experience

Mapping the user experience – How to find out what the real problem is before we start solving it. Working in a project where the users are ignored since “We have to focus on functionality first!” leaves me exhausted. The constant flow of cartoons and jokes about developers not really caring about the real needs…

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UX For Lean Startups

Book review. UX for Lean Startups. Laura Klein.

Newsflash October 2013

I hired Per Frykman to find out what my professional reputation was by asking colleagues and clients I worked with what they think are my strengths and weaknesses. The result was overwhelmingly positive, which was a real boost for my self confidence.

It´s Your Ship

Recommended by a good friend and excellent Enterprise Architect and thinker Peter Tallungs – I bought the book It´s your ship by M Abrashoff. I started reading it last night and could not stop. I finished at 2 a.m. enlightened and inspired. This is a story about a captain turning a mediocre crew into the…

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Lean part V: Lean Leadership Book and Workshop

I finished Reading Lean Leadership by Liker and Convis. It is a really good book that fcus on the philosophy and ideas behind true leadership and I recommend it warmly. This is the summary I made:     I finished the book and created the summary as a preparation for the Tuesday evening three hour presentation and…

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