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Old stuff not translated – new stuff more fun

I have decided not to translate the older blog posts that I have written for the last three years. It will be too much work. Sorry about that for the non swedih testers. I hope to write some new interesting stuff instead. I am also hoping for some insightful comments on what I write. The comments in Swedish have been limited to something like five comments a year. I am not sure how to interpret that fact.

I keep on reading new books and write an occasional book review. I try to use my new knowledge in testing and in teaching. I will report the things I find interesting and useful.

The books I am reading at the moment are: What did you say - the art of giving feedback by my favourite author Jerry Weinberg, I almost feel like a collector since I got the last six books from Dorset. He really is a fountain of wisdom. Behind Closed Doors - project management written by Johanna Rothman and Esther Derby. The PSL workbook material from the class I took last month. User Stories Applied by Kohn - I like the idea of skipping USe Cases but am a bit disappointed in the ideas of testing that I have read so far.