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Effect Managing IT

I had the pleasure to invite Ingrid Domingues for dinner this week. Ingrid is one of the authors of the book Effect Managing IT that I have read at least three times so far. There has been a lot of discussion in, at least the context driven testing community, on how to increase the value…

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Visual Studio Team System Testing

We are currently evaluating tools to aid us in creating, administrating and executing tests. Development is done in Visual Studio 2008. I would really like to get some input from any testers and developers using this part. Is it good, great or do you hate it and why? We most likely will evaluate the product…

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Rapid Software Testing in Sweden This Spring

The next available class in Rapid Software Testing with James Bach will take place in Lund. It is hosted by House of Test and has a very reasonable fee. I have not invited James to give any class in Gothenburg before summer but depending on what happens there may be one this fall. Thanks to…

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