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Becoming Lean Part III – So Have You started Yet?

Second meeting with my mentor. Progress? First question is of course – have we made progress on the tasks we put down in our plan? Well I have reviewed my CV as well as my linkedIn profile and made sure they are both up to date and that the Lean and management work I have…

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Getting Lean part II – Meeting My Mentor

First meeting mentor-apprentice We decided to spend some four hours together, including lunch. We ended up meeting at my home for practical reasons. We, that means my mentor Anders Häggkvist and myself. Anders has worked many years with processes and the last four years exclusively with Lean. In addition he is certified in Lean –…

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Getting Lean part I

So it is 2013 and I am trying to figure out the next step on my trip of constant learning. Having thought about this a lot on my own I started to make a plan. I like planning. It helps me to focus. It´s like writing this blog – I have to structure my knowledge…

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RST with James Bach in november 2013

This fall is full of exciting testing events. Gothenburg seems to be the center of testing hosting not only EuroSTAR but also another RST class with James Bach! If you are a tester and feel that you need to get inspiration and learn about solving problems fast, I recommend taking the RST-class in November in…

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