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I finished Reading Lean Leadership by Liker and Convis. It is a really good book that fcus on the philosophy and ideas behind true leadership and I recommend it warmly. This is the summary I made:




I finished the book and created the summary as a preparation for the Tuesday evening three hour presentation and workshop on Lean given ny my colleague and mentor Anders Häggkvist. Twenty people were gathered at the Kvadrat office to learn and discuss about what Lean is and how we can help clients implementing it. Some facts were already known to me ut the repetition of them and the additional facts and discussions helped me to sort things out.

This is the sketch-note I created at the workshop. Sorry my English speaking readers this one is in Swedish...


Recently found some great sketchnotes done by Ruud Cox

As I am an extremely spontaneous person I ordered the book on Sketchnoting he recommended

I read it, started practicing and LOVED IT!

The whole flow from becoming inspired to creating on my own took less than a month. That is pretty Lean I Think!

Here's a recent note created for the Nordic Testing Days I will be speaking at in a couple of weeks:

Lean Process of Development

And here is one on Lean Usability testing:

Lean Usability Test


This is so much FUN and I do Believe Pictures are wonderfully effective for explaing things.

I also got to buy a lot of new Writing materials which makes things even better.

You will see more of these images in the future!

Got to go - on my way to an evening class on Lean given by my mentor Anders.