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Mythbusters – Need of Test Cases

I love test design and I think it is an essential part of good testing. I enjoy analysing complex data and functions and often create graphical models or tables of the design. But when it comes to actual test cases I start to hesitate. What is the reason for me to create test cases? Well…

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Mythbusters – fault prediction

I recently read a very interesting exam work made by two students at BTH in Sweden. The title is Predicting Fault Inflow in Highly Iterative Software Development Processes. They apply different predictive models to real projects and see how good they are at approximating the number of faults that appear over time. You have probably heard enthusiastic…

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Old stuff not translated – new stuff more fun

I have decided not to translate the older blog posts that I have written for the last three years. It will be too much work. Sorry about that for the non swedih testers. I hope to write some new interesting stuff instead. I am also hoping for some insightful comments on what I write. The…

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Test Design in Estonia

Since many of my colleagues are non-swedish speakers I have decided to write in English from now on.  Last week I went to Tallinn to give a class in Test design. I was invited by KnowIT, one of my business partners in Sweden as well. They arranged a class together with Webmedia – the largest…

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PENG, effektstyrning och User Stories

Jag håller på att ta fram en kurs för beställare. Ämnet är att beställa och ta emot IT-system. Jag har studerat PENG-modellen som handlar om ekonomin i investeringen. Verksamhetsspecialisterna sitter tillsammans under 3-4 halvdagar under ledning av en PENG-coach och tar fram vilka effelter/nyttor de vill ha och vad priset och vinsten blir. Både hårda…

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