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PSL day 3 and 4 – big simulation

For two days now we have been running a simulation and then analysing it. It has been a lot of fun and very enlightening. I am surprised that it is possible to get so much out of only one game. Without revealing too much, our task was to run a company for five hours. Our goal was to organise ourself and earn money. Sheriff Hi-Ho in his office is seen below.


Glittery Silver also played an important part.


Henrik Kniberg was one of the observers.


Day four has been a full day of analysis. First the observes showed us a time line filled with events, quotes, photos.


Then we started to analyse what had hapened and why. There is really a lot to learn about the organisation, leadership and flow of information. Far too much to put on the blog. Below, Jerry is analysing how Ola was in the middle of everything and thereby showing that if you do too much of a good thing it starts becoming an obstacle instead of helping. Esther tied us together with her brightly colored yarn to visualize the connections.

Tonight the rest of the class are enjoying themselves with games and hot tub while I am trying to cure my cold, which has now given me also an eye infection.