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PSL day 2 – MOIJ and observations

First of all I want to show a photo of the teachers we have. Johanna Rothman to the left, Jerry Weinberg in the middle and Esther Derby with grey hair to the right. It is interesting to study the interactions of the teachers and wonder aout how many of the events are carefully planned and how many are intuitional. It is at the same time a relaxed environment filled with lots of demanding tasks. I am discussing a lot of agile principles with the specialists here and enjoy every hour so far.

How can I possibly write down all the new insights I have gotten so far? Yesterday we did a lot of team exercises and this morning started with the full group analysing ur behaviour. We noted down the five most omportant actions we had done they previous day to act as leaders. Then we were told to explain why we had done a certain thing and our cards were placed in a big matrix taped to the floor. The goal was to show us the MOIJ model. The letters standing for Motivation - what did we do to motivate the team, Organisation and Information. The inexperienced leader focuses on helping motivation by motivatong the team The more experienced leader tries also to organise the team beter or to get more information in order to increase motivation. For example it is possile to get information that if the team solved a particular problem well we would get a lot of points thereby giving the team an extra motivational kick to perform.


The afternoon was spent observing another team while they were performing a task. We had to focus o one thing at a time which was a challenge in itself. This led to interesting obervation regarding group dynamics, non-verbal acting, roles, structure etc. Rewarding and very exhausting. Lessons wre that you can learn a lot by observing facts and telling the observed of the facts. But it hard not to make your own interpreatations at once but wait for a while.

I skipped the vening session tonight which is scheduled to continue until 9.30.  I need to sit down and reflect for a while and of course blog about it.