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Team Kirks Krew builds Card Tower

Team Kirks Krew was formed as one of the first exercises in the PSL workshop day 1.  It consists of David (who likes biking), Bart (who likes to paint miniature armies), Tobbe (who likes fixing stuff at home), Ola Who likes floorball, Henrik who is a surfer and Rasmus who enjoys sailing. Well we did this exercise where we learned how to remember names by associating wth activity and gestures.


It has been an interesting first day of problemsolving where some lessons learned are:

  • Ask for more information continuosly
  • You seldom understand what the problem is right away and maybe not even when you think you are done
  • We make bad decisions during stress
  • We need to stop and think waht we are doing once in a while
  • ...and of course much more

Sorry but I really need to sleep now.

Here is Bart pulling out cards from our tower, earning three points for every card withdrawn with the tower left standing. Esther watching closely and giving instructions of what card to remve next.