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Have you taken the RST class previously and feel that it is time for the next step? Rapid Test Management
is the class you are looking for. James Bach is back in Sweden again!

There will be two chances for you to participate:

7-8 Nov: in Stockholm, arranged by Fearless Consulting and Claremont in cooperation. The fee is 11 900 SEK + VAT. Apply to Hanna Källgren hanna.kallgren@claremont.se before October 28, 2011

10-11 Nov: in Gothenburg, arranged by Qamcom. Please contact magnus.kilian at qamcom.se for additional information.

The following is James Bach´s own description:

Rapid Test Management is about how to effectively manage a test project under time pressure and conditions of uncertainty. Based on the rapid software testing methodology developed by James Bach, and building on the Rapid Testing class, this class answers the questions managers frequently ask about how to run a rapid testing effort.

A prerequisite for this class is Rapid Software Testing. Those who've taken that class know what to expect from this: a socratic,
free-wheeling exploration of the material that will challenge your thinking.

In this seminar, we will examine:

- Activity-Based Test Management: Session-Based and Thread-Based
(instead of obsessing over test cases)
- Test Estimation: Factors and Heuristics
- Testing Metrics: The Bad, The Ugly, and the Fairly Presentable
- Testing Dashboard: Status Reporting without Pseudo-Science
- Risk-Based Test Strategy: The Heuristic Approach
- Developer Relations: Playing a Supporting Role, Advocating for Testability
- Bug Triage: Making the Case for a Fix
- Developing Your Test Team: Hiring, Coaching, Troubleshooting


Dear colleagues.

I have decided to make my book Essential Software Test Design available for online reading or download for free. No registration needed, no donation asked for, no strings attached at all!

The book was originally written for the Swedish Market and originally published almost five years ago. There are parts regarding testing where I know a lot more today but I have not planned for a new revision anytime soon. The best part of the book is Part II - Test design! Have fun reading, hope you find it useful.

Read online or download your own copy in pdf-format for free!

If you really liked this book and want to buy a paper copy it is available on Amazon.Com, Amazon.co.uk or Adlibris.se

Since the earlier place for downloading the Swedish version no longer works the Swedish version is now also available here!

If you liked the book you can pick up a paper copy on Adlibris.se


This is the future of testing if you ask me. I am very happy to see the number of testers in Sweden standing up saying that Exploratory testing was the solution to their testing problems. For the first time we have a true exploratory peer conference called SWET - Swedish Exploratory Testers in October 2010. The attending people have all tried Rapid Testing according to the context-driven school and gotten hooked. Now you have the chance to listen to what James has to say. It may confuse you, bother you, amuse you. I am pretty sure it will make you think about what you are doing. To me it is much more than just testing - it is about thinking, problem solving, questioning and philosophy.

After a long and cold winter this is the chance for you to collect energy and get a boost before summer. Join the context-driven community!

Now open for registration.


The last year has been very busy with almost full-time consulting, my own classes and the Rapid Software Testing class that was once again sold out. Soon it is summer and I will get a well needed break from work.

My consulting assignment at Statistics Sweden will most likely end in June after more than two years of interesting work. So starting September I will be available for consulting in testing, requriements or project management, preferrably in the Orebro area.

I am distilling material from a six-day class in test management, adding some rapid testing, agile methods and my own experience. This will result in an exellent new test management class that will be given at NFI as well as internal classes to interested clients.

I was interviewed by Khurram Bhatti and Nauman Ghazi, doing a masters thesis on exploratory testing at BTH. They are both testers from Pakistan taking their masters degree in Sweden. So maybe I will be invited to speak in Pakistan, that would be an interesting experience! Hopefully they will present their thesis at SAST in October.

I have started speaking at conferences again, first out was with the brand new SAST Karlstad last week. Next up is SAST West in May and I am helping out with the SAST Q15 celebration in Stockholm in October.

Directly following the SAST conference I am planning a weekend Peer conference together with Michael Albrecht. SWET - Swedish Exploratory Testers is open by invitation only. The goal is to discuss ET experiences in Sweden. Anyone that have an experience they think will benefit ET and are willing to present and discuss this are welcome to apply by mailing me. We have invited James Bach and the conference language will be English. If we recieve a large numbers of applications we MAY consider having two parallel tracks and let the langauge of one of tracks be partly in Swedish. Details will be given earliest in August.  Peer conferences are non-profit and everyone pays their own way and their share of the common expenses.